Available Adult/Retired Dogs

When we decide to retire a dog from our program and find him or her a new forever home it is in the dog’s best interest.  We have loved and cared for our dogs since they were puppies and choosing the perfect home is what matters most.  All of our dogs are inside dogs and any that are re-homed must remain inside.  All of our dogs are micro-chipped and we remain as a permanent secondary contact.  To be considered as a forever home for one of our retirees the following requirements for your home must be met.  Our dogs are crate trained and house broken but they do not live in a crate and we expect the same to continue.

Retired dogs are spayed/neutered before they leave us.  We charge $400 for our retirees

  • You Must be a dog lover and have experience with dogs
  • You must have at least one other friendly dog in the home
  • The dog cannot be left home alone for more than 2-4 hours
  • You must have a fenced yard
  • No children in the home under the age of 10
  • You must agree to keep in contact with Brightness Beauties
  • You Must be able to take the dog to the vet when needed
  • Under no circumstances can the dog be re-homed or taken to a shelter.  He or she must be returned to Brightness Beauties if you find you cannot care for him or her any longer.


No available retirees