Guardian Program

                                Guardian Program

Here at Brightness Beauties we offer both Male and Female Puppies in our Guardian Program.  It offers the Beauties we want to keep in our breeding program the chance to go to his or her Forever home as a puppy or young adult and be loved and cherished while producing high quality healthy puppies for a few years in our program.

                                          How it Works

Brightness Beauties will provide a puppy/young dog free of charge while retaining the breeding rights for a contracted amount of time. (Usually about 5 years)  This gives our dogs the opportunity to be with their forever family while growing up and still be a viable part of our breeding program.  For male dogs we reserve the right to pick him up and keep him for breeding for a contracted amount of time. (usually about a week) For female dogs we reserve the right to pick her up for breeding (usually about 2 weeks) and then bring her to our home for whelping (usually about 8-9 weeks)  Females are bred at the discretion of Brightness Beauties but not more than 4 heat cycles. This allows us to focus on our breeding program and raising exceptional puppies.  This is a very special situation and takes a special individual or family.  

Available Puppies/Dogs

If interested please complete the contact form after reading our contract guardian home female or guardian male