I have searched high and low, researched until my eyes hurt, and tried just about everything Puppy and Dog that is out there.  From Cameras and home cleaning devices to collars, food, treats, and fun clothing. Some were brilliant and some ultimate failures.  To make it easy to find everything I love, I have compiled a list of all my favorites and put them here.


The number one most important thing for me is the safety of my dogs and puppies.  Safety to me means being able to see my babies when I am not home, being able to know where they are at all times, and keeping them where they belong. Cameras, GPS collars, Tags, and Electric Fences are how I do this.  Here are my favorites:

WYZE CAMERAS: These are budget friendly and easy to set up and use.  I have these cameras in every room in my house.  I can access the cameras through the app and always have eyes on my dogs! I gives me such peace of mind.  

                                             SHOP HERE FOR WYZE

FI SMART COLLAR:  I am sure everyone has heard of the smart collars.  They have a GPS tracking device and you will never have to worry about your furbaby getting lost.  Since our dogs need to wear a collar why not make it a smart collar!

                                     SHOP HERE FOR FI SMART COLLAR

TAGS: My absolute favorite tag for the collar is from My Pet DMV.  They are so cute and stylish, a little drivers license for your dog!  Check them out, you won’t be disappointed. 

                                          SHOP FOR DOG TAGS HERE

ELECTRIC FENCE: I have an electric fence around my dog runs both visible and invisible.  The quick jolt lets my babies know their boundaries and it only takes a couple of times for them to learn.  I am truly thankful for these devices.  

                                       SHOP HERE FOR ELECTRIC FENCE


The comfort of our dogs and puppies is a priority for us.  Comfort means so many things and covers a wide variety of products.  From beds and blankets for your home and vehicle to calming supplements. The wellbeing of our furbabies is so very important.  Here are some of our favorite ones.

BEDS: My favorite beds, blankets, and cooling pads come from Coco & Bark.  Our dogs love to be comfy and feel secure.  Coco & Bark has a wide variety of nice and affordable beds.  I really like the cooling pads too!

                               SHOP HERE FOR BEDS AND BLANKETS

BEDS:  My senior dogs need a little extra support and cushion.  I have a few orthopedic beds that my older dogs just love.  

                                         SHOP ORTHOPEDIC BEDS

SEAT COVERS FOR YOUR VEHICLE: We love to take our dogs with us but they can sure leave a furry mess in our vehicles.  We got seat covers for comfort and cleanliness and we absolutely love them.

                                  SHOP HERE FOR SEAT COVERS

MAJESTIC PET PRODUCTS is a fun one.  They make pet beds with your Dog’s name on it.  I don’t actually have one but I thought it was an adorable idea and thought I would include it on my list. 

                                   SHOP PERSONALIZED BEDS HERE

SUPPLEMENTS:  Anxiety, joint pain, skin, and teeth are just some of the issues that can cause our pets discomfort.  There are so many different brands and companies claiming they have the best calming and anxiety supplements it can make it feel overwhelming for pet parents.  I have tried many different supplements and have found a few that work best for us.  I do not make any claims that these are the best for every dog or every situation but these are just some of my favorites.

ZENWAG is my absolute favorite CBD product for dogs that get anxious.  It has worked wonders for our nervous nellies that don’t like to ride in the car or fireworks. 

                                                   SHOP ZENWAG HERE

PAWSTRUCK LLC has calming chews and hemp oil that really makes a difference for some of my dogs.  They also have some of the best vitamins and joint supplements on the market.  This is an affordable one stop shop. 

                                        SHOP PAWSTRUCK LLC HERE

CHERRYBROOK is my go to for ear wash, eye wash, paw butter, and skin care.  They have a variety of products that you can browse but my favorites are Chris Christensen, Blissful Dog Paw Butter, Natures Specialties, and SPA by TropiClean. 

                                          SHOP CHERRYBROOK HERE

HEMP MY PET has an all encompassing dog treat/chew that is great for a number of things from anxiety to upset tummies.  We use them when we get digestive issues and they work wonders.

                                               SHOP HEMP MY PET HERE


We all love to give our pups treats but so many of them cause tummy troubles.  This is a category that I have searched high and low in.  I wanted to find treats that did not upset tummies and that were healthy.  It took me a long time to find treats and snacks that both myself and my dogs can agree on.  We give treats sparingly.  Here are some of my favorites

RAW WILD is a raw dog food.  I do not feed a 100% raw diet for my dogs but I do use this raw dog food as a topper.  I prefer this over canned dog food because of the nutrients and ingredients, it offers my adult dogs a special treat to their dry dog food.  I don’t give it everyday but 3 to 4 times a week.  They have a great autoship program.

                                                    SHOP RAW WILD HERE

ECOKIND Treats and Chews has my favorite YAK Chews with fun flavors and whole Elk Antlers. I just love how long these chews last and my dogs absolutely love them. 

                                             SHOP ECOKIND CHEWS HERE

Annie’s Pooch Pops are handmade treats.  My favorites are the peanut butter sticks and the liver and bacon heart biscuits. 

                                       SHOP ANNIE’S TREATS HERE

Everyone has heard of Bully Sticks and they are a great treat for dogs.  But boy they sure do smell bad.  At Bullysticks they have an odor free option that I just love! 

                                        SHOP BULLY STICKS HERE


This is my very favorite section because We all love to get our pets fun toys, cute clothes, and cool gadgets.  There are definitely a lot of options for toys, clothes, and gadgets these are just some of the ones I think are must haves for our dogs.

EMBARK is the DNA and Health Tests that we use on all of our dogs.  It is fun and has a great deal of information on your dogs.  This is for anyone that wants to verify their dog’s genetics or see what your rescue dog actually is. 

                                          GET YOUR DNA TEST HERE

SPRINGER is for pups and parents on the go.  Although they have other products my favorite is the perfect water bottle for our favorite copilots.  The top of the bottle is a bowl to squeeze water into so our pups stay hydrated. 

                                     GET YOUR WATER BOTTLE HERE

FETCH THE SUN makes shirts and hats for pups and parents to wear.  Who doesn’t want to have matching apparel with our fur babies! 

                                                 SHOP FETCH THE SUN

UAHPET has a pet blow dryer that works like a charm.  Whether you groom your pets yourself or just give in between each groom baths, this dryer is fantastic.  They also have a bath brush, puzzle toy and slow feeder that are great as well. 

                                                SHOP UAHPET HERE

PETDUR has some of the best puzzle, dental, and tug-a-war toys on the market.  They have lots of cool stuff.  I use the puzzle toys for my puppies but the adult dogs love them too. 

                                                 SHOP PETDUR HERE

PORTRAITFLIP LLC will turn a photo or multiple photos into a painting.  What a fun way to add your pup into a favorite photo. 

                                        SHOP PORTRAITFLIP HERE

*Even though this list contains my favorite things I am an affiliate of each company and I may make a commission if you click a link and make a purchase.